Paradox Development Studio

I have worked at Paradox Development Studio since 2010. It is one of three in-house development studios of Paradox Interactive. The first computer game made by the studio was Europa Universalis.

In January 2010 I started working at PDS as a historical researcher, event writer, and scripter. At Paradox Development Studio we develop historical grand strategy games and the amount of research each new project need is huge. A full history database includes leaders, rulers, Order of Battles and provinces for every country and for every year the player can play. This has been one of my work tasks for several of the projects I have been working on. The scripted events are text windows with one or more options which will have some effect for the player, it might for example affect the country played or one of the country’s provinces. These events most often have some sort of foundation in the history of the world.

The nine projects I have worked on at Paradox Development Studio are:
Victoria II [Link to homepage]
Hearts of Iron: Semper Fi [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind [Link to homepage]
Sengoku [Link to homepage]
Crusader Kings II [Link to homepage]
Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam  [Link to homepage]
March of the Eagles [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis IV [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado [Link to homepage]