Paradox Development Studio

I worked at Paradox Development Studio between January 2010 and end of September 2020. 

In January 2010 I started working at PDS as a Content Designer.

In 2015 I started working as the Localization Manager at Paradox Development Studio. My work tasks were not limited to localization, I also handled beta testers, game sponsorship, and an internal newsletter to name a few.

The projects I worked on as a Content Designer at Paradox Development Studio are:
Victoria II [Link to homepage]
Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind [Link to homepage]
Sengoku [Link to homepage]
Crusader Kings II [Link to homepage]
Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam  [Link to homepage]
March of the Eagles [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis IV [Link to homepage]
Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado [Link to homepage]

The projects I was the Localization Manager for:

  • Crusader Kings II – All DLCs since 2015
  • Europa Universalis IV – All DLCs since 2015
  • Hearts of Iron IV – Base game and all DLCs since 2015
  • Stellaris – Base game and all DLCs since 2015
  • Imperator: Rome – Base game and DLCs
  • Crusader Kings III – Base game